Awakening to Truth

Imagine for a moment you are a tiny seed and you were planted in a place that was dark and  hollow. You have to sit there in darkness until you realize that you are programmed within for the possibilities of who you truly are. You say “I thought I was a seed.” and the voice within says you are a seed but the truth of who you are and the sum total of your being is within. And you are saying “WOW! I’m more than a seed there is more to me than I can see?” So you begin in search of the more that is within you an in that search you start remembering what kind of seed you are, what you are to produce, and what it takes for you to produce.

Now you remember what you were programmed to be and the process begins to grow you and mature you until one day you’re in full bloom and you are put on display for the beauty that’s evolved through you, and “Oh my God – everyone looks and stares at you, they adore you,they love you, you are so…beautiful.” What the ones that are looking don’t know about  is your pain, endurance, and the time alone, the work you put into you becoming all that they see. They see the outside but, “I know what it took – what I had to go through to become something everyone wants to see. I am grateful for the awakening of the beautiful truth within me.” One thing they don’t understand is the focus is on the inside while they’re looking at the outside my focus is keeping the inside right . When the inside is right everything will be alright with the outside.  

While some people covet and envy this beauty that they see I wonder if any of them think about the process this beauty went through for its awakening, I wonder if they stopped to think that the same beauty lives within them? I wonder, I say to myself there wasn’t one seed made – there are millions and if I am one that awakened to the great possibilities and beauty within, then I am only a forerunner allowing the millions to see their potential to awakening to truth.


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