Soul. Thirst for More!

Searching the soul for the answers of life.

Be careful in the search. Take a guide who has been here for a while, for without knowledge one could run into loopholes. The soul begins to look back and wonder what it’s all about, it begins to see the memories in its mind and it begins to hunger and  thirst for more. Over and over again it says “I see the same thing, I want more, but, I don’t know what i want or what i want to do?” So the soul says to itself “If i don’t start somewhere to make a difference I wont see a difference, won’t make a difference and, I wont be any different.

The guide that you take along with you is one of the masters of antiquity. He has mastered the challenges you will face in your search. The soul is like a  computer that has been programmed within, before the beginning of time. Some things must go and some will stay. In this quest there is pain because soul searching involves letting go of lies and error and receiving truth. The denial of self will always give a rebellious response to the mind and body while you’re in this journey because it is change, its unfamiliar, and the mind and body begin to go through an inner struggle. Hold on when the fight begins, finish the course of this denial and you will begin to see changes in you and newness appear. The soul knows its tired of the old mundane so, frustration, confusion, and irritability will come to let you know you are not inline with what you’re supposed to be doing at this point in time. Until those things that frustrate us are gone the battle will continue to wage.

See, its like Neo in the Matrix. He came to a place when he realized Smith was in fact him – he was his counterpart. If you never recognize the ugly twin in you then your in a do or die situation because the counterpart is always out to kill the greatness in you. This is why there’s so much hurt, pain and corruption in the world, we have to stop and study ourselves and see a better picture within ourselves than what’s been painted. Take the old pictures down from your mind and put up bright, beautiful pictures. See your world with hope and excitement. Read a book and if you cant read, that’s where change begins! Learn how to read! If you don’t know how to treat your mate,  make a conscious effort to learn! Edify the soul with new. Never been nice? Try it! This is good. Love. Have you ever loved someone and they didn’t love you? Start over, educate yourself on love from the Master of love, Jesus. You only come into contact with the negative to change it into positive. Only a person who feels unlovable can draw an unlovable person to them. Persons who don’t challenge themselves to do and be better will draw people of the same mind. You change the perception the soul shows your mind and you will see life blooming for you. And you see how Morpheus stayed by Neo’s side until he received the confidence he was planting in Neo. Everyone needs the Master when change calls. Do you know his name? It is J-e-s-u-s!

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