The plan never changes!

From what I’ve read and studied, the plan never changes when our creator is forming and making. From the beginning of time as we read study and align the process it is the same.

To create is to come up with something out of nothing, as in Genesis, God created in the void, there was nothing existent. Thoughts begin to flow into your mind and they continue to come, and you realize I keep having this thought, and finally you say,” I can do that”. 

You begin to form a plan for the plan, that you desire to manifest. The plan is a written blueprint of the creation you desire to manifest. As you mull over the plan you begin to talk to yourself and God about the creation, all that is needed to bring it into the earth, because it’s still being assembled in the Heavens. The conversation between you and God remains positive because negative slows down the process of manifesting. No matter what phase you are in, keep a positive attitude, this will allow the flow of current between you and God to continue smoothly. By the way a smooth current between you and God is also considered communion. Through the positive flow God in you will begin to draw to you all that is needed for your plan to be manifested, like resources or people, Jesus said “It is the the father in me that draws all resources unto me”. When God plans he has a plan and a back up plan!. Remembering it’s God’s plan is essential because the ego is an imitator and it will try to convince you that you are the Master planner and run you into frustration and doubt. It is the spirit of the Master in you that gave you the idea. Driven with inspiration, motivation, determination, don’t fret when faced with challenges, nothing worth having nor anything bring change for good will come without resistance. It’s not just the new creation coming into the world, its also a new you coming. A new birthing through you will always birth a new you. The old you didn’t know you had the ability in you, so the creation you’re making is actually the catalyst the Master created for you to begin to recognize the great potential within you. 

On the seventh day God rested from from the plan he was creating. He realized he wasn’t alone in the work he was doing. This is identified when he spoke “Let us make man”. ‘Let us’ signifies plural or more than one, which puts me in the mind of an agreement. Where two or three are gathered. there I am in the midst and the blessing is so. See God even had to come into agreement with a partner to create! Its called covenant, God in you must be atoned or in oneness for the process of creation to manifest. No agreement, no creation.

The creation has been created and completed. The master begins to give you explicit info on how to work the creation, what it will do, what its for, and even what not to do. Sound familiar? Yes, so you proceed with the instruction of care and use that’s been given. Remember specific instruction has been giving for a reason. See the master isn’t going to tell you that adversity is waiting to test you on the instructions that were given concerning the creation. Do you think you can create something so great and not believe you will be tested to see if you can take the creation into further manifestation? Yes, over and over again you will be tested, your maturity must line up with the creator and creation. So in essence the master is allowing the test for you to see your true structure, the foundation within you. You have created out of greatness but have you come into great discipline, focus, and obedience? Its exciting to create but one must understand the process, takes all of you. The master knows your potential without question, he wants you to know and see you for all that is in you.

Ok so lets go over this one more time. You and the master just finished creation and he’s given you directions on everything about the creation. You see the tempter coming? What are you going to do? Repeat the words the Master has spoken to you repetitively until the tempters voice is gone. The tempter only comes to see if you believe in the instruction you were given! Tempt is what it reads – tempt! It’s nothing true or actual about tempt. He’s saying I will attempt to confuse, delude, and persuade them away from what they believe, so I can dismantle all that the Master has encouraged them to be. So what he’s doing is chipping away at the foundation that has been put inside of you. The master is sitting watching you with all faith that you will learn and recognize the game you’re in and allow yourself to use the instruction to take you into the new level of you. The next level consists of variations of life change for you. The life can change for the better or you can “stay stuck” where you are, not moving as my mentor says. As you win you begin to identify with yourself inside out, you realize new thoughts have entered your mind, new and refreshed feelings, happiness all around, joy no matter what, you take on the new that’s been waiting on you.

So when the master comes he will say “Well done my good and faithful servant, you’ve shown yourself to be faithful over small creations, now let’s take the creation to the next level.” You now know who you are and what you are capable of when working with the Master planner and builder. He allows you to see that there is no division in you, no betrayal, no limits, no doubt, no anger, no coveting, no manipulations needed to carry out his creative plan. All it takes is the solid rock of foundation that you were built on. Stand firm in every creative state you walk through and you will begin to resemble the Master in you more and more, you will see his love, peace, kindness, joy, truth, patience and all his essence reflecting through. The object of his affection and all his thoughts are I desire you to become who I am and Master all that I have set up for you. So ultimately you are a Master creator waiting to discover the truth in you. 

To build a creation it takes the 3 in one, father, son, holy spirit. Some call it super-consciousness, subconscious, consciousness or even mind, body, and spirit. Whatever you desire to call your three in one Jesus has to be part of it or the successful genius in him won’t rise in you. His works can’t be denied in or through you and if there’s denial of him who are you accepting as your Master? I remember Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and Peter didn’t want his master to serve him and Jesus said no if I don’t wash your feet you have no part in me or with me! What he was telling him is all good is in me and I must deposit it in you, there is one here that I won’t do this for because he was and will never be what or who I am. He’s telling Peter me and him don’t even have the same father. So peter understood two can not walk together nor build together unless they agree. It takes agreement and covenant to come into Mastery.


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