To be complete

     The creation of relationship is parallel to the law of circulation, what you give in relationships is what you receive. In the marriage of man and woman a ring is given in symbolism of a completed circle.The representation of the circle signifies love that no man or thing can break or sever.What God made truly know man can put asunder. As the world revolves in a circle its repetitious cycle never changes and so it is so with love it cannot be forsaken it conquers, it covers, and it is continuous.
      In the the beginning God created man to take care of all things under the sun and man understood his purpose.
Then God decided its time I become productive and create again,” man I want you to have a companion God said”, and so God did it again! He put man to sleep and produced a woman out of a rib he took out of the man.So out of man God produced woman, one can’t live without the other because he is who she is an, she is who he is. In the beginning they were one flesh, God  only separated them because who better than yourself knows how to take care of you,and knows your likes and dislikes. Somewhere along the course of life they lost themselves in the union lacking the understanding of what a relationship or marriage was. And so the  quest for understanding began. To bring themselves back to oneness was the the desired and destined goal. When God took them apart the intent was never to divide them or for them to leave one another but, sometimes in the search of understanding a separation will come to learn and gain wisdom of self.                                              
      Love sets out to find its counter part who also is  love for without my love iam incomplete, I will search high and low to find my other half love. The better half of me completes me, when im low she picks me up, when im acting up, he settles me down. She loves me like i love me and he loves me like i love me. Two hearts beat as one, mind to mind, and soul to soul, when love began it was to never endbecause love is a continuation that flows as eternity. In all of creation God never meant and end but it was a time and season of new beginnings!


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