Seek What!

“But seek you the Kingdom that all your Father’s righteousness will be added to you, for this is the right thinking that already lives in you. Right thinking in you will lead you to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, for it’s your father’s pleasure that you should live and reign as he has.” A king is made to lead a kingdom, so he must find himself before he can lead anyone else into the right of what belongs to him. A lost king will lead you into losses but, a king that seeks and find his way back to his father is well deserving of his father’s possessions.

What is anything to gain when it is simply given to you? No-one respects, or values anything given to them. They don’t feel deserving of gifts – that’s why Jesus’ teachings were always rejected. He was the gift that our Father sent and we knew him not. So we rejected him, so the same God has blessed us with things and people in our lives and we didn’t recognize the blessing God was giving us. Some of us have even prayed for a thing and God sent it and like Jesus we didn’t know the breakthrough was right in our mist.

“Praying and missing.”  – Don’t just pray! Know what you’re praying for, and look for it. Be grateful in your heart for it is the cheerful heart that gives in reference to the law of reaping and sowing. It is that same glad heart that recognizes the blessing when it arrives. Don’t be like the religious people who always complain and murmur, and because the heart they asked in and the deception that they walked in they couldn’t recognize the blessing when it presented itself to them. He said he would come like a thief in the night and would you be ready? Its not when you think he’s coming, have you forgotten your faith? Faith is believing in the invisible, faith can’t be touched or seen, it just is what the word said it’ll be. Me, I’ve learned to trust and wait a long time when hell is burning all around, because he showed up and fulfilled the promise of those personal words he spoke to me! He’s always on time! If you knew the time or day would you work to be on time for him (Christ)? Think like this – he’s ever present for he is my help in the time I need him, so I will always work toward the high calling in him for he is my only reward. There is none like the sweet reward of The master of my soul coming and lifting me out the deep sinking sea. Where oh where could I find this comfort? Only in the rock of my salvation. Be you transformed by the right that lives in you thinking right toward people and things in your life, that is the truth of Christ within you.


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