Covenant Teaching, and Agreement…

To identify with yourself and realize that the “lack of” is what we deal with everyday. The “lack of” is misrepresented, it is not taught to young people that error shows itself only saying, correct me with a small voice please. If I had been brought up to know what I know now, I would have been teaching along time ago. Teaching that one explores sex outside of marriage because we live in a society that shows and exploits love from their point of view not giving the view or origination of true love. Without correct information our news and television shows have left adults and our children longing and looking for love in all the wrong places. The word will always bring change if appropriated correctly. I believe there’s been a missing link that has to be revealed. To the young teenage delinquent, to the women and men in prison, to the drug abusers, the alcoholic, the thief, the killer, the teen father and mother pregnancy, the aids victim and the aids victimizer. I tip my hat to you and I’m out here working my mind to understand why this has happened to our people? Remember there is forgiveness and new mercy he’s given. Keep in mind I’m not taking the responsibility completely from you what I’m saying is we’ve all made mistakes. God has given second and third chances to all because he forgives, that’s his business. Because I’ve made mistakes I’ve learned to understand the frailties of man and the imperfections he has to overcome. Overcome my friend is what it reads, over come your weakness. Jump over the hurdle in the race your running. If you knock a hurdle down don’t stop keep running. While your running stay on course don’t go to the left or the right. Stay on track and jump over the next hurdle with all you have in you mind, body, and soul. That’s what it takes to overcome a thing that temps you. Giving your all for the better picture you desire to see. You must focus on a prize of victory not a prize of a loser. The victory is at the finish line, where you hear the cheers from the crowd calling your name and applauding you for the completion of your victory. And so what if in the past you never heard anyone applauding you welcome to the club called I hear the applauding in my own mind. I’m like David I encourage me, I don’t need the pat on the backs from the people, I’ve got to get them from the hierarchy. That’s the encouragement I seek. The encouragement of the power on high.

I too hear the tears of the people as Moses. I’m writing to let you know don’t give up on you because there is a better plan for you. Hold on he’s here and near than you’ve ever known. When I cry he hears my tears and answers. So God of our father’s in the beginning of time hear yours. The beginning to a meaningless end starts in the Ten Commandments. God spoke to Moses and wrote the commands to Moses concerning man or, let us say Gods people. The commandment are and written agreement between God and his children to reunite the two, God and the child or individual through the word and time. The child shares with time with God which is sacred, time to focus on the things of truth. When you begin this time with him if distractions are around you must find a place away from the distractions. Start today loving you and the greatest thing in your life, God who gave you life and breath to breath. This is the beginning of loving you because he loved you so he gave something to you no girlfriend or boyfriend can give. There’s no drug higher than him, no desire to steal from someone and that what you desire he can’t fulfill you with maybe you don’t have the thing your stealing or your plotting to steal because he’s waiting for you to ask him for what you want. You can attain all when you commune with God. Only almighty can supply you with what it looks like you don’t have. Where do you go when your a convicted felon and the world won’t give you a shot at employment? Don’t repeat Go to the God of your fathers the one who wrote the covenant agreement and know as far as the east is to the west his love is for you. Look farther into your life, realize God is setting you in position for a million dollar empire. Thieves steal because they don’t believe they can attain for themselves or they’re just plain lazy. Just a little inner work to get you started if your a thief. 

What God will do when his people turn to him is heal the land. The land restored starts with you and me, or the child in the streets that can’t hear his mothers crying out praying for God and the angels to guide and protect him, because he’s been turned out by heroin or crack cocaine, or the young teenager with so much potential but she fall’s in love with the wrong person, and older man you know, whose able to manipulate her mind and he convinces her he loves her and her family loses her to the streets. Yes this man is working for another cause, he has turned Gods potential into a prostitute. Wow! So take time to love him today and read the words he gave Moses on the mount. Loving God and reading the commandments daily will bring a balance to you, you will become disciplined, and strengthen were your weak. This is a missing link with our youth we discipline them physically but where is the spiritual discipline and substance that will only keep them from the devourer. To all parents I commend you in your efforts, let us continue to build and add to our dispensation. We must apply ourselves to the word of God which is who we are and the foundation that we are truly made from. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS RETURN TO THE GREATER PLAN. If your plan failed go back to the beginning!
Read this personally :

1. I will love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul because, I’m grateful he created me and made me whole. I won’t worship another god.

2. I will love you Lord and not idolize anything, I won’t put my friends before you not a boyfriend or girlfriend not music or partying. Upon rising I will think of you and read you, the word. I will go to bed with you and you only God.

3. I will not use your name in vain Father. I will also speak of you wherever I go. I want push you on people but i will observe those who may be ready to experience the life your giving me through the agreement we share.

4. I will observe the Sabbath. This day is a day I give full reverence to you and nothing else its our day to reflect and put things in perspective.

5. I will honor my father and mother, they are the earthly representatives you’ve given me. What I do for them proves what I able to do for you. When I’m able to respect my parents it teaches me of respect for my creator and all creation. When I’m able to do all these things long life and abundance is attained for me. 

6. I won’t kill or cause harm to anyone. You are my God and you gave me life as you give I give. I’m following you father. I’m not following the world that teaches hate. I am love and I exhibit love like my father God.

7. I won’t be an adulteress. I’m not married so I’m not giving anything in me or about me that is so precious that it takes away from my relationship with you Father. This body is sacred and pure and it will be like so until my mate arrives. Sex is for married folks. In time, I will become an ADULT and share the gift you gave to man and woman when you say I’m ready. I will know the time has come when my mate presents their self through your knowledge. For married folks, I will not commit adultery. When the commitment and words were spoken you made and covenant agreement with your mate to never step out side of the marriage all things are honor between you and the man or the wife. God has permitted a union between the two of you to continue a work. Violation of the agreement causes a wrath that most men and women are not prepared to take on . His body was made holy unto you and hers for you. This holiness brings a union of wholeness and reunion of a long lost fellowship that had been separate until you met again. 

8. I wont lie. I will tell the truth about all things because the truth sets me free. There is no confusion in the truth I’m at peace because I’m living the truth and speaking it. You are my Father and you are truth. AS I seek you I am filled with more of your loving presence. I am walking in your desires for this life you’ve given me. For this I give thanks.

9.I won’t steal. The law of retribution or reaping and sowing will come and serve me, the same as I’ve done to others. It will take or snatch something from me that’s dearly valued to me and . What I take from someone will come back and take from me. You are a giving Father, I only follow you and I’m a giver not a taker.

10. I won’t covet what others have. What others have is for them, as you have taught me what you, Father made for me is for me. I have specifics that you designed just for me, I’m focusing on my purpose not others.

With all I acknowledge in this agreement that you have given to Moses over centuries ago, I acknowledge it still stands and is true, I will walk and talk about you and this word of agreement the binds the self to all good. This agreement spoken 2 times a day begins to serve me, myself and I. “I Notice the change in me as I’ve partaken in this agreement, what change it’s performing In and through me”. I will pass this good news on to people in need of the information. I won’t be of force to anyone concerning the agreement because we know wisdom is the winner. You’ve never forced me, you loved me into this place I’m In. I am an active representative for you. Father I’m so in love with you and I thank you for your love back. The love you’ve taught me, I’ve found is reciprocated. As I sit under your instruction I’ve learned whatever I give goes out and it returns to me without hindrance. Your teaching me to love me through reading and understanding the commandments has reminded me of my trueself and why I’m here in the grand purpose I’m to serve. This love we have is teaching me how to love my brothers and sisters, my neighbors and those I go to school with, also those I work with. This love you’ve shared with me has added new meaning to me and the meaning it’s giving me I’m giving to the people you desired to have it, your children.

All who agree with the commandments will find themselves becoming righteous, or broken down to better understand,(right-n-u-ness-thinking)citizens upholding the values God created in us. These values will come alive and become one with you by using them everyday and sharing them. Also God said to give a tenth of your earnings. He taught giving because he himself gave his only begotten son. In every person that has edified your soul, realize who it is that’s truly been feeding you. It is the living waters that’s spoke to the woman at the well of Samaria “The Son of God who has fed you”. If you have know leader find one because God is ever present and you can’t protect yourself from what you can’t see. When you desire to learn God always has a teacher near and available. You owe it to you to give the tenth to his son because, his son died for you to have life. His son speaks through the experience of the teacher or leader that is a part of your life. All must be in fellowship with a guide on the along this path. The blind can’t lead because he is blind, no sight to see. So is a student on the path, the teacher appears to those who are teachable and those who are ready for true submission to the Father. The teachers is given the words of wisdom to awaken the light in you that’s been turned off. The teacher turns on the light of understanding through profound wisdom the Father has given him or her. God Blessing the truth to come alive and set all free, as he intended in mind, body, and soul.


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