Harmonious Life

To find peace and harmony, is to come into complete harmony with your life. What’s this? Your truth is where harmony begins.To find your harmony means you making a decision to go on a journey with yourself that will lead you into places many would not embark upon. Not an easy quest. Why would you step out before others? You may have been the one that signed on the dotted line to be a leader that shows others to their divine destiny. If you did you will lead the people through the rough spots of life that you walk through. You will lead them to higher ground through the mistakes you made. You will lead them back to the greatest good that they are to experience. Many have come and said they were the ones to follow. There is only one to follow, that one is the true star that you find on the path of life that directs you back to the true essence of your soul. The essence is the life energy of who you are. I am the fire that burns and hungers to live and prosper you. It’s in man giving him alternatives to life and the path that he created. Mans creation never last, it dies like the flicker of the eye, that quick. Because it wasn’t created by the infinite. The in-finite creates from within and birth its creation just like a mother carrying her in-fant until the in-fant’s time to enter the world it was created to rule.

The infinite and his infant – WOW! The infinite carries his infant and births as so he made woman to carry and birth. The universe proves itself in harmony with itself by the conception of truth and the harmony of birth. Man and woman are necessary for the reproduction of life.. A man alone is not in order with life, neither is a woman alone. The order brought man into his earth to take care of his universe. Yea! And after all he couldn’t continue to talk with himself so the infinite created his other part, his woman. His woman was not put on the earth to rule – she was put under his rule to be his counterpart to guide life into harmony. This is the beginning of two ruling a universe that will win over all darkness. So to rule, and have dominion over the beast of the field, means to find peace with your creator, the universal truth of who you are and master the earth you were given to master. The darkness had to see the light because the two came into harmony. Why? Because through the infinite life began over, and the two saw each other the way God created them and intended life to be for them. Now seeing their lives in truth, no longer living through the material thoughts they came to the earth and adopted. Retracing their steps and starting over and making what wrong they created to right. With this new beginning they also have come into and inherited life that belongs to them it was a promise to them from the infinite of their essence.

Go be born in this earth with messed up odds and show the others that its possible to change it back to good. Let the others know they don’t have to accept the cards they receive – they can actually get a new hand to play with. How? Go Back to the original plan. Change your heart and mind, From the way of the world you begin, to follow when you came into its dominance. Its deception made you believe in it, the world you were born in . But it was the very lie you were trying to get away from. You embraced it because you knew no better. You began to communicate with the infinite as it was awaken by the beat downs you walked into through the disobedience you lived in this life.  Disobedience is being out of agreement with life in you. The eternal truth will reign even if it cost you a life and you submit to death by the resolve of resistance to what life has been telling you to change, to put you on the right track. The lack of listening, when I would not acknowledge that I was working a wrong equation in my life and I found that 2+5 didn’t equal 10, but  in fact equaled 7. My equation and the infinities. I have to learn to add like the universe to come out with the addition it comes out with!


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