Money and Man

I have a saying, referring to money… called “Niggas and money”. This is not my usual vocabulary, I must go back to the old days when I spoke much slang to refer to people that are afraid of spending a dollar, or those afraid of giving. What a foolish world of niggas. A nigga is somebody who doesn’t understand that the world was built off a spiritual foundation that was first given. If someone or something gave you life then why is it so hard for people to give all of themselves for a cause? If giving is the basis of our foundation then why are we so afraid to give? Is it because you were robbed of your freedom? Do you think you can’t get it back? Wake up! You’ve already received it. Then realize you have purpose and put your purpose to work. If you don’t work, you don’t have the whole picture, but your purpose does. Have you acknowledged it? Probably not! There would be less black on black crime, stealing, and killing. When you decide to wake up, life has promised you great things. Refocus and look again at what’s available – a changed mind and heart. Giving is an art of selflessness. No one needs you to prove that you can give, you have to prove it to yourself. That thief that stole from you and brainwashed you to live like him is the same thief that corrupted your ancestry, so that your blood would continue to speak this deathly vileness of taking until it takes our race out of this world and there is no more African American race. When you say ‘what is this she’s saying?’, take a good look at you and the mind you’re living in everyday & own up to truth. Not your truth but the truth of greatness in you.

The world is built on a system of “You need me and I need you.” Niggas – get the big picture and come together and help your brothers and sisters! Blacks were brainwashed to sell each other out when they worked the fields. Have you forgotten your heritage and how the old slave songs got our ancestors through? While they fought for the right of learning to read and write, we and our nigga acting children have no appreciation for the hardships they endured nor the lives that were taken for our freedom, for us to come together and build a nation of love and peace within our race. No we just wanna stay in the mind of a nigga! My friend, I need someone standing beside me ready to build and when I build they’re working at it with me. Someone that will stand through the good times and the bad times until the work is done and it’s time to move onto the next phase. I’m tired of niggas that are too lazy to endure. Do you know what Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, or Fredrick Douglass went through? Have you ever watched Roots? They taught us to sell each other out. There were some who kept the torch of life and unity in their hearts and fought the good fight of faith for you and me, who right now are acting as if we are niggas.

Man up and get in position! Make yourself proud if no one else. Stop coming together day after day just to have something to do or to show off your new tennis shoes & clothes. Go and show the greatness and unity the black brother and sisters have as our heritage. Bring the heritage to life in living color in this day and time! If your brother is struggling, give him more than a helping hand. If your sister’s business is failing and you have the means, step in and support her, hold her arms up! The world won’t get any better until we all accept responsibility. It’s ours to take care of as well as the people in it. Give up being nigga’s afraid to give. Give back to what gave to us, which is life. You can never out give it. Life has no cost of payment but once it’s gone you can’t buy it back. Make a habit daily to begin to break the spirit of fear that was deposited into our people. By giving in a sacrificial way we can change the cycle. A sacrifice will always add to your life and your prosperity’s life, because giving means adding and you open the doors of blessings to the generations to come when you GIVE!!! They need … and they have more work ahead of them.


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