An Authority on writing…

Authority or leadership is given to those who overcome challenges and experiences in their lives or circumstances. Challenges and or circumstances come to those in the form they do because the recipient is easily able to master the challenge at hand.

CALLING all writers! These challenges are million dollar opportunities calling you! You called for the money, now the money is calling you in another form. It’s calling you to write, write yourself into a new thought process, a new living, and a new bank account. Writers, you have this opportunity because the challenge you’re facing is giving you authorization to write the next chapter or event in the upcoming edition of your experience.

The head is where all things begin – without the head leading, the body would be in utter confusion!

Because it sits on high it’s been given knowledge to attain immeasurable things. You’ve heard the saying “Knowledge is power.”? And now we know why it is power. The head must have meetings with the heart for all things for the writing to come together. The heart has the emotional side of the writing to bring the heart of the matter into context. You have to have feeling in your writing, but the key that the heart plays that really matters is coming into union with wisdom. There is always a birth that takes place for organs to work effectively, and so it is with a marriage – oneness, working together to deliver this awesome product.

Wisdom lives in the heart, the mind safeguards and houses knowledge. The heart carries wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge together as a union causes a dynamite explosion! The head carrying the mind makes plans with the heart to put this writer in a position to be connected to avenues and people the writer never thought they would be exposed to. Opportunities of advancement into places the writer has written about in the past, but never thought they would make it to. The heart consults with the mind on past emotions that are lingering because of disappointments. The head speaks to the heart as it is, to rule out the old emotions. The head is speaking to the heart saying “Don’t hold on to this thing.” will have you immoveable, in a writers block like constipation. “Let it go and let’s flow”! After giving thought to what the head has said, the heart agrees. Sometimes the hardest thing can be letting go of past issues or circumstances to push you into your million dollar flow. That is if you’re looking for it. If it’s something else you’re searching out, you will find it, letting go will always clear the way for a constant flow. This is the part that I told you about in the beginning, you know, the authority and the writer. See the writer in you just evolved you into an author. Only through mastering and gaining authority over circumstances and your challenges can you become an author.


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