Testing the Plan

To create is to come up with an idea, and create something out of nothing. Think on the thing you desire to create and you mull it over until your mind is satisfied with what you’ve designed .Begin to think on the manifesting process, how you will bring the creation from the spiritual realm into the physical.

Working the plan: The plan is a blueprint of the creation or what you intend to create. You begin to talk with yourself and God about the creation. We talk with God because as it was in the beginning nothing was made without God and it is so! Your conversation with the Creator is always positive no matter what phase of the process you’re in. By this I’m referring to complications that may set in. Complications turn out to be good, they bring substance to the table for us to grow. Nothing ventured nothing gained! Keeping a positive outlook will draw God out of you more where he involves himself more, progressively expressing the creation.

The outside resources and help you need will be summoned to you speedily as God begins to involve himself more and more. God doesn’t waste time in his creating. He gets the job done to move into the next job. Because that’s what God does, he’s a creator. Example: God thinking, “I’ve finished the chair – it is done. Now I must create a bigger and better one!” The chair created begins to decompose or break down in composition once materialized, it IS matter. Matter has no choice but to break down, that’s a scientific fact. Things of temporal or matter composed will die out. This is why God keeps regenerating man because my mother and father are duplicating there children to keep the human dispensation are alive so God is able to use our bodies, which begin to decay just like the chair, the moment we enter the world. We are not here to just exist, we are here to bring on-going change for better. Man at all times must understand his position as co-creator. He must understand that God is the supreme partner giving him the ingenious ideas to carry out this phenomenal plan of creativity.

You are driven with inspiration, motivation, and determination to complete the creation. During the process of bringing the creation into light, don’t forget the challenges! Nothing new will come without resistance. Stay focused and keep working at it. In the process of you working on the creation something is happening to you – you didn’t realize that the creation is changing you. This new idea God gave you is bringing about some newness in you. A change or birthing of newness will always come when one allows himself to be used to create. What a wise God we have, He knows what it takes to get you going, so he uses the creation to provoke your evolving into a greater being.

After the sixth day God rested from the plan of creation. He acknowledged he was not alone in the creative process. He identified this when he spoke and said, “Let us make man.” Let us signifies plural  – more than one. In this sentence we also find the beginning of an agreement. The creator has terms he must stand and abide by. He’s showing that he needs more than himself to create. Where two or three of us are gathered blessings of increase are happening. God and you or someone must agree to create together, there must be and union or oneness before anything can be made. No agreement no creation. Six days it took to make this creation.

We’ve already been prompted on what the creation does and how to work it, God gave us the 411 on the how and what notto do. You proceed with use or caring for the creation the way you’re instructed. What you have to understand is God is accurate and precise in his work, so upon the instructions he gave, stay in line with the specifics he’s given. If anyone comes into the picture and tells you to do anything different from the instruction you’ve been given don’t detour from the plan. A detour can cause a catastrophe, and you never know how this will affect others through the generation time line to come. Ask yourself, “When I yield to be tempted what comes next? When I give in to my desire concerning what God has given me to protect and take care of, what am I really opening myself and the future to come to?” God’s thoughts are deep and deep calls only deep thinkers. Deep thinkers are those who will labor in the mind where he begins the creative process.

That explains that back to finish what’s really in the giving into temptation. Yielding to a desire or temptation that’s outside of the plan of creativity is a willing decision. Yes, you willed to disobey the instructions you were given! Get so tuned in to yourself that you know how and who you’re functioning out of. Is it God who you first began to work with in the creating process? Do you remember? Don’t get confused when the tempting mind comes to persuade you to fall back from the plan you were first given to follow.

The foundation of anything built will be tested, and you won’t have the knowledge to know you’re in the test! Just live in the plan for greatness and when the thief comes to you in the night, resist. You will be approved and your creation will come forth proven to bless in the way it was meant to.


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