Greatness Within

The freedom we came here with lives within. It’s you and me that’s being called to find the secret keys to our great within. It takes time with yourself to go within and stop the subservient to outside influences that have known desire to win. A winner does as a winner and lives as a winner. They speak as a winner and think as a winner. The freedom starts with the acknowledging of the hateration you lived in the past of yesterday. Your beginning is not your end. Your beginning is a signal telling you as a hater you’ve missed the breaking of your new day. To stay in one place is like a car stuck in park. Begin to go under your hood and repair the parts. The parts that you played in the past of yesterday, when you where a person that created living hell in this earth we live in today.

There’s a mirror that reflects our themes and schemes of life somethings are good and some, well I’d rather not say. The eye’s of the soul they call it, is the reflection in your day. The question to ask is do you know what you’re creating in your day? I found myself in my latter end the creator of all the hay in my yesterdays. My days belonging to the world of hateration has been changed yes they’ve truly come to and end. The hate within me taught me one thing, it’s not somebody that can make you or break you, it’s what you reflect from the eyes of the soul that lives within. I ask you to think what have you reflected in your past days, so you will to begin to create the greater days.

I’ve search all over for freedom but, before I found it dear friend I had to stop and take a look at what was stirring within. There was a nation of hurt that was calling on others that had been hurt the same as me. When I resolved the issue was mine and not someone else to blame. This is when I met with my destiny that’s calling me into fame. I’m now forming a new regime, you know I first had to begin with me. Its all about the love, yes you and me. This is what I’m starting my days of new with, being a giver of truth and the love that’s within. The truth that admits the lies that lived in me is how I allowed freedom to be a great partaker in destiney. So when you feel bound and you don’t know what’s true turn within to the great truth that’s been awaiting to guide you. Now that the hateration has come to and end know more recruits that class came to and end. The end to begin what the people have searching for is called unity. A new regime has called on me to be the creator I was thought to be. Its called libernation, the nation that works to free you and me. It starts with someone will you come join me.


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