Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Ladies, Ladies! Remember your choices! God made you a perfect man, who will lead and guide you into developing the perfect plan. Until you mature and become one with me, he says, don’t deviate and eat off that tree.

Ladies, Ladies don’t rush the plan and sleep with that man. ” Unwedded Bliss is not the plan”, the plan is made with a no fault foundation… Just like you buy from your insurance agent…

Ladies, I encourage you to follow the plan that calls forth a Godly man. Sex before you mature is not part of the order of the plan. Its called adultery because they ate from a tree that was meant only for adults to eat… see the word adult and tree? Yeah… the word adult solidifies the plan calls maturity.

Oh Ladies, Ladies…wait on your mate whose being made strong and perfect in every aspect concerning life’s maturity. Then and only then they’ll be no persuasion of immaturity. For the persuasions of immaturity show the true character of one’s being.

Now don’t get mad at me! I was a party to the life of immaturity. I touched the tree before I was given permission or authority. I have earned the right to take you to the truth, and teach you what’s right. Accept the truth in what I’m saying, I’m a messenger who went through the interference of a perfect foundation laying… So I decided to redesign mine… that is foundation laying to the perfect plan that was given in the beginning wise and antiquity days. No longer a victim to my own slaying of the once thought pattern of adultery that came from the past and generations that was given. I am forgiven that gives me a right to a new beginning.


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