The Assassin

Have you met the Assassin?

by Kim Warner

The assassin will come to get you. He sees you, he knows you. He has knowledge of your potential. Wise up, come to know you as the ass-in-u has taught you. No wisdom no win, which is what’s intended for you. Your victory will only come when you work from your higher end, the assets within. Have you no knowledge of your giant that is lying a sleep within? Yes wake up and take the ass-in-u to the defeat he came to leave you in! No more working with the ass-in-u, but working with the definition of higher end. The higher end that takes you to the mountain in mind for you. Yes my friend,” the mountain top that lives within”. Never again will you be caught negotiating nor receiving the the ass-in-u and it’s meager offerings when you realize you have greater assets at the higher end within you!!!


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