God’s Word

Isn’t it something how God gives you a word and when the enemy comes in he tries to flood it out? Then we, the saints of the most high, as we call ourselves, demonstrate the actions of a defeated foe as the enemy said and alluded we would do.

Matthew 3:10: test-ifies of John’s baptizing Jesus. Test meaning to be tested on your lesson or belief system, and ( ify) is edify. The word testify can only come forth after you have been given the facts of your belief system, whereby you are filled with a conviction to speak to others about the grace of God in you walked you through to the promise he gave you and spoke to you. The witness in man is the one who stands and gives the account of the holy spirit and the testimony that has come forth. No man can testify nor receive a testimony without the witness. Testimony broke down, test to be tested on your belief in something and go through and mourning season for the proof of the test testimony.

The baptism represents the washing away of sins. It means that the representation of the wash was there but the work had just begun. The minute Jesus emerged from the water there was a release of supernatural occurrences. The heavens opened to speak to him. The voice of the father spoke to him saying this is my son in whom I’m pleased. The Dove ascended. Lightning came down. It’s significant to say that in Chapter Matthew 4 you see he was led into the wilderness by the spirit? Wow what spirit was this? I believe it was the spirit that some of us wrestle with, called confusion. I believe some would say right now something’s wrong with me!. But the wilderness is where we go for more dependence on God and dying to self. Wilderness is a place were there is no access to the material things we are used to so God himself leads us there to strip us of old things and anything we will lean on. In the wilderness you need supernatural resources because there is nothing there, you and God. So He’s got you! Just submit to his will and way of thought.

Confusion will rise in one’s mind when the change for new is in the atmosphere. The change meaning new you, new mind, in Christ! The confusion came upon him when God spoke his declaration (“This is my son, my beloved, with whom I am pleased!”). When he began to move from the point of baptism the devil began to deal with him to steal the words the Father had given him. The father affirmed Jesus’ greatness before his work began with the people. Jesus had been approved to work with the people because it was his purpose and call, he also had been groomed to overcome issues within himself. He’s good on his battles to contain but now he begins to deal with others and their mess. Wow! No one said the road would be easy but, ok,  so he’s in the wilderness and dealing with opposing factors because of the sheep that decided to follow him. The sheep are the thoughts we have! We are made of thought! You are who you are and where you are because of your thoughts. I am who I am because of my thinking pattern. We know the dude is tough enough but do the people understand the discipline and control it takes to walk under someone with the calling that God speaks directly to? Yes he has a rehma word he hears directly from God to guide the people. not control them. Jesus allows Peter and a couple of the disciples to come right on with him because the Father has sent them to him he knows.

The wilderness experience for them is what he begins to experience in Matthew 4 when Satan and the thoughts of evil come to him and begin to tell him ‘abort your mission, don’t fast, go on and eat, throw yourself off the top of this mountain, you’re working hard for those people and they don’t even care about your well being’. Can you imagine the confusion in him as a leader and he only desires to please Father God as God has spoken over him. Some want to please themselves, some are pleasing others, some are in it for the ride and no giving. But if God is for you and you are truly for God then the word in your life will manifest because you will meet God in the wilderness to get your priorities straight on kingdom issues. The disciples were ‘leaders in training’ – they didn’t come to lead Jesus in thought they were there to submit to obedience. What God ask for is leaders that can submit to his son.  “If you can submit to my son then you will submit to me, God the word.” There is no compromise! When you compromise yourself and your thinking concerning righteous thinking or kingdom living your compromise will affect your leader. Protect your leaders Change your thoughts and then you and your leaders can change the world. Thinking right thoughts concerning the leader is of righteousness. Wrong thinking will bring judgment. Be a hearer of the word and do the will of God. Do not be led by every enticing thought that comes your way. Stand with the word and your God given assignment . If you become confusion you will probably fight with yourself and God. God is telling you to wait and stand and you’re trying to make it happen. God can through you in his time.
The flip side to this equation is that Jesus was being tempted by error that still lay dormant within his own skin since he was born flesh and blood. The followers that were drawn to him were still a reflection of who he was. This gives no room for one to blame. You must look at yourself through the eyes of the Father. Truth is all God sees in us. This is why he could say what he said about Jesus. Peter was a rock but he was a cursing rock. So he had some things that we need to identify with. Cursing, bad temper and lacking in discipline. He sets out to follow Jesus a man of discipline and mastery. What’s next? A fight of the minds! You bring me into your world of thought Peter, Jesus or I bring you into my heavenly mastery? Jesus rules, we know, but the information pertaining to the fight that goes on is not explained. Anger comes when one is told they’re not drowning as expected. Confusion comes. The disciple who is to represent discipline begins to think ill of the leader. In these times and cases, humble yourself. Test for the blessing comes in disguises. The word comes to edify and exalt. No one is exalted from being told they’re right when they’re wrong. If you can’t correct yourself, you have a leader or parents for that. God sends us here with leaders to lead us into right thinking. Back to Peter – he had to be groomed. He was the first disciple to follow Jesus and it began there. Jesus didn’t have time to fool around with disciples that distracted him from what he was sent to do. The father would charge him for the error of the disciple. When under an instructor you are rewarded by your growth progress. No progress, no promotion. Promotion is on all levels, and those levels are spiritual and physical. You can call it Heaven and earth also. See Heaven and earth must come together to balance out what God is calling us to do. Example: my husband is good at money – I have it in me to work well with money but he keeps me in line or disciplined in that area. Its a strength in him. Me, I’m strong in spiritual things so I’m a balance for him in spirit. The balance is bringing Heaven and earth together into one mind under God to allow harmony to reside.


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