The Lords Supper or Idols and Their Feast?

I Corinthians:14 Speaks on the idols’ feast and “The Lord’s Supper.”
The participation of the blood covenant is as it said.  Some are not aware of the intenseness of the covenant. The blood covenant is a people who reside under the one who shed blood for or whoever the facts of the discussion on this matter is being brought forth. In this case I am giving a clearer view for Jesus Christ.  To drink his blood meant to become a follower of his teaching .This is what he was teaching. Why he was teaching this was to give an understanding on what it would take to overcome you and the world you have created. The earthly man has a genetic blood line given to him to get him into the world and set in position to make a choice of the work he chooses to do. By this I’m saying the path gives choices, it’s a decision of the individuals to choose life or death. Without knowledge of your surroundings one has already pretty much chosen death. It is up to the one to decide for the life of abundance that is lying dormant ready to be awaken within him.
The blood came forth through the cross experience that Jesus was delivered into. Those who delivered him were of his teaching as we know. Others were conspirators, who felt inferior to Jesus position of authority.
We that walk by his example see and feel this too. The cross is good – we must embrace it because the cross released the blood of genetics out of him leaving him dead from the worldly inhabitants of himself and his forefathers. As the blood was drained he went into the realm of spirit and he met with hell and all the demons the people on earth fight with. This battle was “Do you die,  Satan, in me, or do I allow you to kill God in me!? So the mission was then,  and still is to kill the enemy that keeps me and you from attaining life abundant (self). He fought the good fight of Faith holding on to the prophetic words his father gave him, not swaying in his mind concerning thoughts that was given from his lineage. His thought atmosphere which he was made out of in spirit was and still is truth. His fight was won with truth. The thoughts are the anchor that pulls one into their expected end, by Faith. After the fight in Hades he really overcame himself, the self in him, the me, and I , doubt, and “I think I cans”. He demonstrated a victorious fight through the master in him coming forth. The master in us is not allowed to come forth with ease because of our fleshly resistance doesn’t want this to happen. This is why the blood has to be drained or cleanse of old and then transformation begins to come forth , as it says  in the scripture, “don’t put old wine in new skin”. The disciples were being fed the same things God had given Jesus to show him the way up. The fallacy in all men is neglect to listen and follow guidance.

The reward of endurance for Jesus was and is life abundant. With all the teachings he gave, the disciples also doubted what God was saying. When the crucifixion happened and Jesus rose, this is when the disciples truly began to believe without wavering. They were amazed to see him walking around, but he did what he told them he would do. “How did this happen?” they must have said to themselves. It was the stuff he had that brought him through.  No- one truly saw this mans mind nor how he felt about what he was facing . But he did it all to show the blood is the acceptable covenant to the father. All that follow me to the cross will be rewarded with what I have been given. Drink my Blood and be changed – let go of who you used to be. Be me now, he’s saying to the people. My father lives in you, you can do it if you only believe. So it is his desire for you when his will aligns in you.

The new testament is what it says. The new beginning I grant you to start over. You fought a great fight – know your reward is here. Remember the new in you is a choice. He could have chosen to stay the same and not follow the Father’s directions. It is a decision over the matters in life that hold us in the thoughts of earthly matter. Realize these matters are served, whats been served is dead and gone. There is no creation in them, God is creative and he is renewing. The matters of life is what hung Judas. Don’t be deceived and held back by what you think you have to do when God is doing a new thing for you. To agree with the new is to agree with the New Testament . “Eat my body” he said.  People question that word. Some understand it and don’t follow it.
After the house has been swept clean the bible says you must fill it with the inhabitants of the pretense or the old will come back. Without eating daily bread you will return to old and miss the inheritance set for you. The inheritance is given through and agreement of receiving truth that God has set for his people. When one follows the leading of truth they can’t be held back. Up is the way, you look up and you will go up! By this I mean Psalm 121 says I will look to heaven, in heaven my answer awaits me. I must begin to pull heaven into my experience here in earth, because it is the way of the Lord. The daily bread I ask for is the Lord’s body taking over consuming me and edifying me in all my deeds to get me into the wealth he promised me. Beloved, I wish for you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. Souls are not prospering without the food given to change them. Food is in thought, think on the good and not the bad. Think of me your father what I am doing in your time of need . Think on love for I am love,  think all good ! The bill got paid I’ll praise you, oh the lights got turned off I’ll praise you in advance your turning them back on. I lost my house, ok I’m getting back up after my fall and find another one. God empties to take over and do what you can’t. He is a God of supernatural occurences. Who are you working without his endowment? It’s just a test for the new in you. The earnings of my yesterdays was only from the sweat of my brow the curse, the house I had was the house of the accursed, the bills were the curse. My attitude was from the curse, the lust of my flesh got me into the curses! Own up to the thief in you, the  gossip in you or the liar in you and change, for the work is at hand. Change for the child you’re influencing is at hand. The change in you is the daily bread you eat. What you eat is what you become. God only breaks down that that he’s going to build up, he rebukes to redefine you. The blood saves and it raises all who follow it to death but truly no death could hold him so what can it do to you? When you use the stuff God has given you to work with, you can’t lose. Give us this day our daily Bread, give us your word today father before we begin our day. Let me know your alignment and intention for this day. The bread that brings us life it is the word of God the testament that is giving New Life! Start your “New Testament” today!


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