By Grace Design

Homeless in America

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The path of life can seem very clear at times and at other times we may feel we need a guide to help us along the way. There is help for everyone when the heart begins to reach out for help. Everyone that feels that there missing something or they need help finding their way help is available when you sincerely desire it.

As we stop to take a few minutes breathing in the breathe of life and paying attention to the breathe we breath actually being the life we breath we begin to see and understand life has given us something so much more to be grateful for than mere material things. Without the breath of life material wouldn’t matter anyway. So we begin everyday with thanks giving and celebrating life the joy of life.

I know some would say she doesn’t know what she is talking about. But yes I do I know what its is like to have to pray your way out of the bed because your body gives know response to anything but pain and the Doctors say there is nothing physically wrong with you. The only way you can function is to get up hours before you have to go to work taking ibuprofen, Thera flu cold, and Tylenol sinus pill. For many years this was the process I used to start my day. God has a funny way of getting your attention when he has been telling you the work you are assigned to do. I was one they refer to in the church that needed to answer the call of ministry or they even called it running from the call of purpose for your life. I had prophets in my life from a child and Dreamed things that came real, even heard audible voices that did not come from physical people who would be in me presence. So I agreed with God I felt there was something different about me because not many people talked about voices they heard or the fact they seen people other people did not see. Well after surviving a marriage I help to tear apart, a son running away getting on drugs for five years and bipolar schizophrenia becomes a product of his choice, taking care of two other sons your desperate to keep on the path of righteousness to preserve them from the snares of life, and how about in the back of your mind you know that your so-called best friend has been the hand the devil used to bring you and your family to demise? Ask yourself how would you feel? Would you feel forgiveness  or forgiven?

Well my feelings were angry, violated, hate, bitterness, and I felt betrayed! I remember before the conspiracy revealed itself God said they will betray you, but forgive them for they no not what they do. I had know idea these people had been in my life to actually sabotage me and literally destroy me. I tell you that when you find you have a purpose and you agree to serve that purpose everything in hell will be knocking on your door and your families door looking for you to take the gift your carry for many. I found comfort in a friend called Jesus who is a PILLAR AND A BATTLE AX. He’s a wheel in the middle of the wind, He is a Present help in the time of need. David is a great friend to I had to find someone who was a winner and all the biblical characters were sufficient but God told me to study David he would get me through because he was the winner I was coming to be. God’s word is true the floods were ragging bad and many days my flesh said I can’t make it Lord and the Lord said yes you can  and you will.

As God said I made it, with a brand new lease on life. God is so great that he even gave me the ability to pray the pieces of my life, my marriage and even my son’s life back together. The Song say’s I am a living testimony and Iam that Iam a living testimony.

If you need assistance email us and we will get you set-up with the help you need. Inner Faith Wealth builders Is a mentoring program building the Church that Christ dwelt in and Jesus walk the earth with. We also have Bible Study Friday Evenings pacific 6:00pm. Our Conference Call Number Is (712)-432-0900  passcode #


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