Union of two

In the beginning a union was created. The union began with our creator deciding he needed more amusement here on Earth. You know, our creator had been so busy creating he didnt realize he was alone. After he finished creatiing the world and all, “he thought im not used to being unproductive, and I dont like being alone”. So he decided ” I’m going <

to make me a friend in my image to talk with and have fun with and he can even do my work for me”. And so out of the earth our creator created THE MAN.  This man was given instruction on how to love and be a true friend to the one who had given him life. Second, the man was instructed to love himself as his creator loved him enough to give him life. The next instruction that was given was to be the head and not the tail, to protect his companion and watch for his companion and love his companion with all his heart. Yes, isnt this something you get instruction before hand, wow, because the creator is always thinking ahead and a plan is being executed before you can utter the desire out of your mouth.
But man began to feel alone and the creator knew this was coming because he had experienced those same feelings. The remedy was already in the making. I have to make him a companion that resembles him but, they will have my image. So our creator, as great as he is with all majesty and glory got a brainstorm of an idea on how to create this companion, and instead of beginning with the dirt of the earth he put man into a deep sleep and as the man slept he pulled a rib out of the man and formed a miracle called woman. The only difference in comparison to man and woman was the creator being invisible. He added accentuations, such as skin. The creator looked at the two that he had created and he loved what he saw. In his eyes he saw pure perfection, because they were perfect replicas of himself, a divine union of love overflowing, saturating everything they touched!
Union is oneness, a coming together of two hearts that beat as one. It is true that after searching the world all over I finally found my heart, my soul-mate. I’ve been alone in life searching for the missing pieces to fill the emptiness in me – today I can say to the world and everyone in it my search is over. No longer am I half because when you came along, my love, you made my life complete. In you I am made whole.


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