You Can Achieve When You Believe

When you desire to accomplish and achieve you must first BELIEVE. However, achieve and believe requires another ingredient called “Receive”. Yes, “Receive in action connects with faith  activating more belief to motivate the achievement you have in mind”. The mind accepting the achievement is the beginning or incubation period for the belief that is birthing the manifestation you’re looking to receive. When you ask you will receive, when you believe you have received you will have achieved the manifestation concerning the accomplishment your heart so desires.

Whatever you’re looking for is looking for you. You did not think of the achievement for it to sit dormant in your mind. The thought came to you whispering ‘make me whole’. The achievement is really Truth in you telling you I believe you, and if you believe in me we can do great things. Remember Greater is he who is in me than he that is in the world? Yes you thought you were in this alone? Oh no, I am guiding you – just listen within and you will never do without.

For those who have been thinking of going back to school don’t doubt because you may have dropped out or you feel you don’t have the mental capacity to endure. Don’t even think you’re past the age to complete things that have been on hold. Completion will relieve frustration. Completion will validate you when you have lost self-worth. Completion will release you from habits that are not productive. When God completed things for us, the advantage was given for our completion.   This is inspired by Federal Student Loans  or


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