Is Your Life A Mess?

Has anyone ever told you that the mess in your life is an opportunity for a miracle? Yes or No? For those who said, ‘Yes’, great! You are under God’s process of creation. For those who said ‘No’, you’re in a place of learning you have no control.  In the beginning God created in the void. A person experiencing a void season is a person who is standing in the midst of a miracle. Oh yes because, when you come to the point of realizing your life is a mess, usually the mess is so out of control that you can’t clean it up. Imagine that! This is when you sink or swim, choose your fate so to speak. You can call the Father or continue to live in the cesspool you’ve been acquainted with.

season of void is a season of letting go of old things, old thoughts, old clothes, old shoes, and yes sometimes old people. As you release what you think you should be doing and how you did this and that to keep things together, you will see the mighty hands of change come in like the wind redesigning your life the way it was intended before the foundation of the earth.  God is the creator of all things. Let him assemble the pieces of your life the way it is meant to be. He is the only one that has the ability to turn a mess into  miracle.  Trust me, he did for me.

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