Standing Like a Tree Planted By The Rivers

Standing Like a Tree Planted By The Rivers

tree-word-river-22Standing strong like a tree planted by the rivers of waters, trusting my source that will never leave nor forget about me. He is my provider, protector and my keeper. Even through the valley experiences I can count on him. He is the Good Shepherd that lights the path on days that have been dark and lonely.

He speaks and those who belong to him hear what he is saying. Whenever I have been rebellious or unruly he has used his special way of convincing me to change and never to stray. It’s called the rod of correction that has birthed more love and less hate in me today. The Good Shepherd said to me, “Choose today which Master you desire to lead you through your days? Do you love Good or do you love evil he said?” I said, “Dear Lord there is one love, one power, only you! All good is what I choose.” I will continue to stand in this place obeying and trusting you for daily bread every hour of the day. Just like a tree planted  I will stand and never go astray from what you have given me.




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