When Opportunity Knocks

When opportunity knocks will I answer or will I miss? I won’t miss you father as you knock , I will know you are presenting me with favor because of the way you have taught me to think and my ability to see through your eyes the good you have given me. My relationship with you, Father, has taught me the value of life and what it truly means to breathe, see, smell, hear and feel. Through the power of your word and your teaching I’m always aware of the blessings you present because you have taught me to love you first and through the power of your love I am able to become more like you. By being more like you, Father, the people I meet and come in contact with daily are given the same opportunities.

Those opportunities of  knowing you present one with everlasting opportunities built on the rock which stands forever  rather than those opportunities presented by the world that last momentarily and then fall away. The opportunity of being in a relationship with you is priceless.  Nothing can compare, for it is rare that someone or something  comes into your life transforming all your wrongs into right. That’s what happened the day I opened the door to you.


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