Unconditional Love

“Unconditional love” is a term used by someone who has acquired the ability to love others with patience and understanding beyond their undesirable behavior. When we look at people who have been victimized by abuse it can be hard to understand.  If they are not treated they can repeat the story of their victimization. In this case the person is living with defeated personality traits that have been deposited through a string of abusers.  Abuse generally originates down the line of generations. It is important to find out where this root comes from in order to sever it.

Standing up to this behavior as soon as it starts is your first response – you are fearless and wonderfully made! By submitting and allowing a person to rob you of healthy living, little do you know you’re contributing to your demise which is an offense to the life God gave you. Saying no to abuse in whatever form it may be opens the door to change and restoration. Realize these people have been robbed, the pain they suffered thrives and seeks the same emotion and empowerment their abuser received when they were being victimized. The only way to help yourself and them is to take back what God gave you and seek counsel.  Abusers are like Satan and man’s best friend (dog) – when they smell fear they tend to attack. The promises of change spoken by your abuser will not come without your help.  The promise of change is in the foundation God gives, this is the God of light I’m speaking of, not the God of darkness. Know what you’re working with and begin to stand confidently in prayer and fasting.

Taking action is unconditional love, for the one that is hurting you is ALSO hurting. The acts of abuse are actually cries for help. This is in no way written to excuse the behavior of abusers, but to remind those in need that the root started in a familiar place. God loves the sinner, it’s the SIN he hates. Why allow your child to grow with misleading understandings of love? Why even allow them to think God created them to be misused? If you’re an abuser or a victim, take back what’s been given to you, your choice for life abundant was given through Christ. When you look in the mirror see yourself as worthy!


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