Love Has no Limits

I had a question posed concerning men and women loving more than one… to answer this from a perspective of out of the box thinking, I believe it is possible to love more than one woman or man at the same time. Women and men have a tendency to be caught up or reserved in there thoughts concerning there belief systems, as well as what they believe in concerning intimacy with there mates. When your not able to meet on one accord concerning intimacy, and finances you better not delude your self concerning he or she taking and Hyades. Some say its a lack of discipline in the individual but when your not satisfied in a relationship there is cause for both to begin self examination. When this is done in the light of truth, you  have the choice of dealing with the nature of the beast within, putting it to rest to evaluate the issues of intimacy. Intimacy with self is a beautiful thing that many people are not aware of until they have come into truth or as the wise one’s would say until you have come to yourself.

This is delicate topic to many, but it is maturity that signs and seals understanding human nature and what is always called the beast could be summed in one thought to say your assigned to love many for reasons of understanding what love is for you or that person. I believe I read about a man who never married they say, but his whole intention was to add and preserve humanity. With this type of love how can it be limited? How could you lock it up?

From the answers you receive as you ponder the words I have written with cautious observation, ask yourself what woman or man understands or fathoms your assignment to life… Then I give you the answer to the question by saying know two people have the same destiny society made a judgment of how we were to live but by design all must know the requirement of there soul when relationships become a question. When your ready the one will be the total package of the heart that you have but until you have met him or her your experience could be calling you to love more than one or two to solidify the perfect mate to assist you in your work with human evolution.

Now listen to the beat of your heart and when you find that someone to lock down with, their heart will have the same rhythm… I know this because your consciousness lives through your heart beat. So they will come this man or women,  the heart has been searching for because in fact you will find you were searching for the other part of you.



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