The Beautiful World of Math

Keith Turner Believes in children’s ability to overcome weakness…

If you want your Child to be able to Stand up before a Class and Break Math Down Like they are A Teacher, then…

★The Beautiful World of Math–Vol. 1 (video) is for them.

■ Plays on Phones, Tablets & Computers



Children are given Worksheets as “Busy Work.” How many can actually go through Math Problems and Explain the Steps?

Is your Child Confident when it comes to Math?
★The Beautiful World of Math


A Step by Step to Approach to Mastering Math for any Age

The Beautiful World of Math is Great for any Age, even Adults that want to Refreshen themselves in Math to help their Children to Master Math. Parents are the 1st Teachers. What better tool to help Parents do Just That.




Keith Turners gems are everlasting…

Imani’s Dream is a story of a little girl that is in love with learning new things. Imani & her brother Yusef fall in love with reading. Imani’s love of reading & parents bedtime storytelling of Africa’s Greatness makes her take on wings that carry her to many beautiful places. Eventually she discovers the Great City of Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa.

One night she dreams of The Great City of Timbuktu where books were traded almost as much as gold. In her dream she meets the legendary Professor Ahmed Baba of The University of Sankore in 16th century. Professor Ahmed Baba was an African scholar that wrote more forty books . She and professor Ahmed Baba form a bond in the Art of Learning covering many fields such as Architecture, Trade, Geology, Astronomy and many other subjects.

This is a story that will show how Reading can make you take on wings.

The video is Mpeg4 format. It plays on PC/Mac/Tablets, phones, etc.

Link will take you Paypal. Then, Download the Video to Ipad, Iphone, Android, Tablets, Kindle Fire, PC/Mac.
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***Relationship challenges***Dance with Your partner…

Download available

Book Cover

The purpose for writing this book is to provoke individuals
in relationships to think farther than their desires. By presenting
areas of communication breakdown, in which we tend to become combative
when confronted with the issues of various breakdown or weakness in our
families units, we can reconcile these issues by changing former ways of communication.
Breakdowns in family and relationships lead to breakdowns
in our societies and communities. Genesis chapter 1 reveals the step
by step plan for a one on one relationship filled with guidance from
God concerning the choosing of our mates as well as how you and
your mate should develop and grow together in the relationship. Let
us all keep in mind we all have room for change, with the understanding
that we all have work to do and there should be no reason
to blame others for their faults and flaws.
God looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. The scriptures
listed in the following pages have been added as tools to help
change the mind of the readers, to encourage and empower families,
our environment and even history.



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