A Torch Light for Change ( At Risk Youth)

Author T. Maxwell

Author of  “A Torch Light For Change” Expresses his passion…

Why do our young men continue self-destructive behaviors? Society has identified that young men who grow up in a home without a male presences or adult role model to lead them into final manhood is destined for a life of academic failure, minimum waged employment and will become a strong candidate for the penal system. I grew up with a young single mother who had a high school diploma but limited skills. I wanted to know what was it that guided me away from self-destructive behaviors and the negative pitfalls growing up. In writing my story, I wanted to understand why I have a passion to help youth today.As I reflected on my life, I didn’t have to search for answers. The answers I searched for lay no further than in my family and the many layers of the extended families who guided my life along the way. It is a story filled with lessons learned and experiences in my journey of life.It is a story of parental love, dreams of soaring in space, playing professional sports, serving a nation and ultimately serving God’s purpose of sharing those lessons to our youth. I’m reminded of those lessons of a time of a simpler world, and yet I believe that in my advice to all youth, especially young men, there is a light glowing in undiminished hope for each one of them. A “Torchlight” in the middle of a young man’s secret mind.All we have to do is open their eyes, and have them turn the page to read.

torch light

A Torchlight for Change (Buy Now Link) Ebook-http://sbx.sk/A6uR



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