Blessed more!

Matthew 5:4
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

A person mourning is described as having feelings of deep sorrow, and grief. While the experience of mourning is often viewed to be attached the loss of a love one, a relationship, or even a pet, the reasons we experience these humanistic emotions are not to live in the emotions eternally but to move through these emotions to see and experience the victory ahead of us. Many times we stop to feel what were experiencing when and unfortunate situation has taken place, but it is very important not to allow deception to detour us from the promise. Our victory is in understanding that even these circumstances are spiritually developing us and necessary for the journey were on.
Remember the scripture says those who mourn will be comforted? As we open ourselves to the comfort God gives, we also take up a heart of thankfulness releasing us to do what God loves most (praise). This praise releases us then, from the spirit of mourning, despair, and even sorrow, allowing us victory in this area of our lives where we felt pain and suffering. We then experience the understanding as well as benefits of mourning being blessed with the knowledge of Gods goodness and mercy to comfort us personally and guide us forward and through this experience into the next. God is so awesome in everything we experience, he has one agenda simply getting us to His ultimate purpose for our lives which is Kingdom bound.


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