Parenting children with Autism

Tilana Toney on Autism

The best gift is immediate action for early intervention services to improve their development.”.Suspecting your child may have a developmental issue is a tough pill for some parents to swallow. You may find that one parent may be more passionate than the other. It’s also quite possible that one or both parents may go through the denial phase. I believe in the early signs. I went into Mommy Auto Pilot. My intuition suspected something was different but rather than worry, I decided to act fast and searched many websites to cross examine mounds of research. I spent many nights surfing the internet and many days at the library on an endless search for understanding of the many signs I bore witness to. The internet sometimes can act like an opinion, everyone has one. It’s vital overall to discern things directly with your child. If you suspect that your child has a developmental delay or any challenges that raise a concern, please act quickly for the best interest of your child! The early intervention prevention strategies will aid your child and progress his or her future further. Above all, nutrition plays a big role in our children’s lives. Implement foods that are helpful for development and easy digestive processing. Below are some helpful links for early intervention


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