Ascension is in you!

Good Friday is a day symbolically set aside in regards to the crucifixion of Jesus. The crucifixion brought death to a man yet allowed the true nature within him to rise.
What a price to pay in life but all the same what Glory divine to submit to what’s locked within an allow it to rise. The people say let Christ arise, but I ask are we allowing Christ to rise within us? Are we walking with our cross as the words are spoken (there is a cross for you and I)? Or are we still waiting on Jesus to go back to the cross for our errors when he provided the example over 2000 years ago?
To ascend we must go to the cross, die to self crossing out error, which may feel as if we’re walking through hell. But all in all the walk is worth it because this is the process that brings change within each one of us. Walk it out resisting temptation keeping your eyes on the prize for the Glory of God awaits it’s purpose in you!
So we celebrate the reality of awakening to new life within as we experience the death of old within each of us dissipate and begin the resurrection within as Jesus meant for us to understand.
Blessings let God in you Arise!


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