We pray!!!
I thank God for his mercy and grace that is renewed daily
I put on the whole armor of The Lord
I pull down every strong hold that has tried to hold me, my family, friends and business partners back in the name of The Lord
We go into the realm of the spirit by word of The Lord taking back everything that was taken from us
We take back our children, our husbands, our wives, our family members that have been held hostage all of our earthly goods and material that’s been held up. We take back our minds, our hearts, our right to fellowship in the spirit! We take back our healings in Jesus name and through the power and authority given to us! For I am confident in the word of The Lord , I run through troops, I break every bar and wall asunder that the enemy put up against me and my blessings!
We Call forth the la rocklin winds to dismantle every tactic and dissolutional spirit that may have been sent against us. We bind them in the heaven and in the earth and announce to them through the Blood of Jesus and the power and authority given to us, the fight is fixed, the fight is over and we win! God said it settles what’s ours is our you gotta give it up and turn it lose NOW in Jesus name!
Glory! We recover allll in this season!
Hallelujah !!!


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