Moments of motivation and inspiration

Father we thank you for this day and daily bread we thank you for you presence ordering our steps. We thank you no weapon formed can prosper against us. The blood is our covering through Jesus death on the cross.
When God is for us who can be against us.
Lord we thank you for your hand on our lives, mighty to save and delivering your children. We thank you for wisdom deposited in those making decisions, healings for those who have been sick and having pain in their body. Father we thank you for divine order in marriages husbands treating their wives according to your word and wives submitting to the husbands. We thank you for employment opportunities, financial breakthroughs and healing in family relations. We thank you for strengthening those in need of strength and purging those in need of change to line up with you word. We thank you healing those with mental challenges and providing a way for those living on the streets. We serve the enemy notice that it must take its has off your people father and go back to the pits of hell where it came from. We are covenant children of God, we denounce any satanic works of the enemy binding it in the heavens and loosing it sending the blood of Jesus to avenge our blessings that’s been held up! We call forth and command release, release, release of our blessings now! In Jesus name! Hallelujah let it go!



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