Moments of motivation and inspiration

Gratefulness is the key, people and things are not created to make us grateful nor happy. Theses feeling I speak of come through pure gratitude for a second third and fourth chance to get life right. My life being right before God is the first accomplishment I was sent to make happen. I can then help others to get theirs right. But what can we do when were faking being righteous condemning and breaking others with words? Walking in pride and control, yes I’ve been this. But no longer will I allow the devil within kill anyone else with words that demise.
Were builders and healers. We are not created to steal and kill. The season will come when you may experience what I did when you choose to stay as you are hiding behind deception and lies. Transformation is in the air… God is reaching for you but you must reach back letting your past goooo and the antagonizing emotions as well.

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