*Patient Lover*

Amorelle - Just Keeping it Real

Today I watched as you opened your eyes,

I wanted to be the first person you see,

But because you were so busy,

You just waved hello and left me be,

But it’s okay, I’ll still be waiting on you.


I ensured your car was in proper working order,

I was hoping we could talk as you head to work,

But you were so focused on all you had to get done at the office,

You hardly noticed I was literally your G.P.S.

But its still okay, I’ll still be waiting on you.


I had your friend buy you lunch today,

As a token of my favour,

Hoping you would realize my ability to provide,

But as you munched,

You completely were oblivious,

How much in simple things I can hide.

But that’s okay, I’ll still be waiting for you.


I allowed…

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