Powerful Key

Father activate your seeds of faith in us today, help us all to fathom and understand  that faith is the powerful key that turns the lock and opens the door to the blessings we have been working toward. 

If we faint not in our belief keeping the goals we have set in-spite of what controversies or conflicts come as we’re working towards the goal we shall win and overcome by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. For we speak those things as though they are believing in our hearts and minds it is so! Father we understand that our faith is not displayed nor practice by our belief in things we see outside of us and around us, therefore we promise ourselves to look within when doubt begins seeping in. Look within and pray for the courage and conviction of The Lord to set our minds straight. We also take account of doubters and nay Sayers around us understanding that our ears are to be closed off from conversations of unbelief and those who are of disbelief in the things you are doing for us. We thank you today for positive people coming into our lives that help us capture the mission you have sent us to do and those we can help as well in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

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