Hope found (writer Quincy Mason)

What is hope?  Hope is probably the most important thing that a person can have. Hope gives the future expectation of something good. Hope is connected to a promise. Its connected to a vision. Without a vision,  the people will surely perish. Therefore,  to keep the vision in plain sight as a target and goal,  we must write it down to be a daily reminder of where we are going so that we don’t wander and create a wilderness for ourselves. Otherwise, a brief 13 day journey can turn into 40 yrs (adulthood) of pain if there is no plan.

The consequences of deferring the things “hoped” for causes depression,  or it makes the heart sick, as scripture reads. This can only happen when you don’t put the vision in front of you and put it off. When you write the vision and read it,  your spirit will be quickened by it and you will want to run with it (act on it). This occurs because the desire to see it through is awakened every time you revisit the vision. Desire means “from the Father” in the Hebrew language.  God gives the desires, or passion, of our heart. His desires give us inspiration,  which literally means God breathed. God’s breath gave Adam and Eve life. Likewise,  it gives us life too. Hence, inspiration is vital. 

Breath (inspiration) gives us the stamina to run with the vision like a marathon runner. You can’t run a marathon without good breathing, thus you can’t chase a life’s vision without lasting inspiration.  When God’s holy desire or inspiration come upon you from reading the vision daily, it becomes a righteous tree of life.  Righteous trees won’t wither, because its planted by (connected to) rivers of living water (Jesus) and its leaves will bring healing to the nations (you and everyone your vision impacts).

Additionly, when you procrastinate,  it operates as a thief and it will steal the inspiration needed to move ahead. Daily prayer and interaction with your vision is essential to the wholeness of your life. That’s why we must pick up our cross daily and pursue that vision that God burdened our hearts with.  That demonstration of daily “now faith” will keep us on the path of abundant life that Jesus talked about in John 10:10. Procrastination keeps us out of the moment, or “the now”. When we neglect the daily pursuit of following the vision,  not only do we keep ourselves in the wilderness,  but we give procrastination the permission to be a thief. That thief will steal your joy and make your heart sick. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength! 

Lastly, allow the vision of your life’s purpose to 

be your daily spiritual motivation. Remember, it doesn’t have to be accomplished overnight. Don’t allow the idea of perfection to be the enemy of progress. Do not despise small steps and small beginnings. Always make steps toward the mark of the prize. Thats what we call “now” faith, which is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Amen. 

One thought on “Hope found (writer Quincy Mason)

  1. Very interesting read. Somehow I felt the author was speaking directly to me. Balancing a very, very demanding job with a hobby turned into a small business and on top of that home life…one can get very drained to the point of feeling it can’t be accomplished. I definitely have the vision…I just need to get my hope back.

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