Train to Glory by ( Writer Nita Murphy)

When I Open My Heart I Feel Love.

When I Open My Heart I Feel Joy.

When I Open My Mind I Feel Peace.

When I Do For Others I Feel Happiness.

Knowing That I Must Take One Day At A Time,

Always Keeping God First As He Orders my Steps,

Constantly creating me to be who He wants me to be,

A servant Fully Devoted to carrying out His Work, His Will and speaking of His wondrous love for All mankind. “PRAISE BE TO GOD.”

Flowers in Alaska Summer 2007

Written by: Nita Murphy

Published with: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism

Copyright © 2015

The World we live in today is some what confused and chaotic. A world of confusion without enough Love. A lot of people are at war with themselves, family and even With God. And most truly either don’t Believe or don’t care the Train of Glory is coming and we are in the last days.

Once we all realize, forgiveness will give you peace of mind and understanding in a relationship no matter what type, you will see things clearer. Respect is a must and God Is Love, which is the Willingness To Let Go And Let God Fight Your battles.
Have a relation with God For He Loves Us All Unconditionally.With This Being Said, IT’S A TRAIN A COMING PEOPLE GET ON BOARD AND KNOW THE CONDUCTORS NAME IS JESUS!!!!
Writer: Nita Murphy


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