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Welcome to your brand new vision of life!
Congratulations on taking the first step into this new phase of your life.
Moving forward, allowing negativity and self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns to flow out of our lives can be a scary step to take.
But by just lifting this book, allowing the love and energy to flow from it into your hands, you have shown that you have already made that choice.
The choice to love fully and to share your love with the world.
The transition from one phase of your life to the new, wonderful, love filled phase, can be chaotic and through the meditations in this book, I will help you to adjust, open yourself to the Universal Love and Light and move forward with joy in your heart.
You will be asked questions, taken through short meditations and given quotes to ponder.
I am honored that you have chosen to allow me to walk by your side as you develop your spirituality. I can assure you by contemplating and meditating each day on the reading for the day, in just 25 days you will develop a greater understanding of yourself, your Divine Mission and the path you will walk through in your life.
You will have welcomed a deeper, purer love into your life, releasing negativity, also welcoming in positivity and light.
These meditations are designed just for you, to enable you to question your perceptions and to grow into the wonderful creature of love and light that you were always meant to be.
I know you will enjoy this journey.
Thank you for allowing me to walk with you for the first 25 days of the rest of your life!
Kim Warner

Day One
Do you have Grasshopper vision or the vision of a Giant?
Make the conscious choice to see as a Giant!
Vision as a Giant is massive, far seeing and comes from a place of deep love of and for life!
The vision of a Giant allows us to understand that by sharing our love and light with others we are helping to grow the Kingdom of Heaven.
And this surety, this knowledge, comes from a place of love within our hearts. A deep love which leads to a heartfelt desire and need to share our love and light with all those we come into contact with.
Visionaries who see as a Giant, share their love and prosperity in all things with others, confident that God and the Angels will always provide for our needs.
Our Divine Mission involves us bringing love and peace into our own lives and the lives of those around us.
So, see as a Giant!!
Trust God and His Angels and choose to carry on the work God has given you.
See your part in joining with others to build the vision that God designed.
Use your love and light to spread love and joy to all you encounter.
And know that God and His Angels surround you with love and light your path.
Thus the vision of a Giant allows us to release the negative feelings that we have in our heart due to past hurts and situations.

Meditation for Day One
Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Lightly close your eyes. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Allow yourself to relax and be aware of how your hands are rising and falling as you breathe.
Allow yourself to feel a deep relaxation and the warmth that surrounds your heart as you welcome in the love and light of Heaven.
Quote for Day One

“See yourself building and creating whatever your heart desires. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!”


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