Parents and children today???

When I volunteered at Scott Alternative School the year before they closed it to outsource the program there was a young man in the class who did things for shock value. Regardless of how you spoke to him about his behavior the next hour or the next day he would do something just as or even more outrageous just to see your reaction. After his father had been called numerous times about the his acting out, his father decided that he needed to follow through with his threats.
One morning after the young boy was dropped off to school (he always came dressed and pressed) his father came to the school and marched him to the restroom. He made him take off his nicely pressed really good looking uniform and put on a pair of pants that were too short, a shirt that wasn’t ironed and a very old pair of sneakers. To add insult to injury he would not let him put on a belt instead the father taped his shirt inside his pants with silver tape and dared him to change anything about the way he was dressed until the end of the school day.
Now I can hear some of you out there saying that this is cruel and inhuman punishment. But this is why young people have very little respect for authority figures (parents) we make vail threats and reward bad behavior. Why would you give a party to someone coming home from jail? What have they done to deserve a celebration? Celebrate a graduation, the receiving of a scholarship, being excepted at any college, going into the military or going away to follow your dream. Everyone make mistakes, we just don’t have to celebrate them. Just saying. And I know I will get a lot of “and who are you to say this”. I am a mother.
Penney for your thoughts…
Writer: Laurentina Watkins


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