Devotion with your soul ( Day 5 ) A path designed only for me

Day Five 

Have you ever felt lost, full of fear, confused, indecisive and alone? We all have! A wilderness season. Think of Moses in the wilderness. Consider Elijah when the brook died up and the raven fed him. Remember Jesus when he fasted and was sorely tempted.  Now, think of your own experiences. The wilderness seasons you have been through and may even be encountering right now. Being between jobs, experiencing mental turmoil, faced with temptations, fearful about the outcome of your situation. Know that when we most need the all-encompassing love of God, it is often the time that we find it most hard to feel it.

Because we are so focused on the negativity, we cannot see or feel the love that flows to us from God in Heaven.  We may even be blocking ourselves from seeing the opportunities that are being released to us at this time from the heavens. Which is why we need to spend time understanding the effects of negativity on our lives.  And then to release the toxins of that negativity to the Heavens to God and His Angels who are with us at all times. Releasing and letting go, open us up.  It opens us up to hearing the guidance of that still, small voice.  The voice that is guiding us with love towards our Divine Mission. Our mission of love for the people of God and the world. At times, we experience wilderness seasons because we ignore the guidance that comes to us from God, and allow ourselves to continue down a path that God is guiding us from. At other times, we experience those wilderness seasons to learn lessons of love, humility, forgiveness and the need to listen to our hearts, where God speaks with us.  


It is so easy for us to follow the path of resistance, to allow others to influence us away from what we know in our hearts to be our truth and our true path. We need to understand that each of us have our own paths to walk, our own Divine Missions.  We can help others as they walk their path, but we need to follow our own path. At times our paths will converge, cross, and even join.     My prayer for those facing challenges is to walk through the experience with God’s guidance. Let the love of Christ be your meditation; for your meditation will become your medication.  Hold love, light and forgiveness in your heart, release the fear and worry to Heaven and know that you are coming into a better time. “This too shall pass”. Release your negativity, your fear and your hurt to Christ and follow the guidance of your heart. This will cause the season of wilderness to end with peace and love and your life will return to the state that God and His Angels have for you.   


Meditation for Day Five 
Make yourself comfortable in a safe and quiet space.   Allow your circular breathing to bring calm to your heart and deep relaxation to your body. Feel the love of Heaven surround you and know that your Divine Mission is to be safe, secure and stress free.  This opens you up to help those around you who are in their wilderness season. Send out the love from your heart to your family and friends.  Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to your surrounding neighborhood.  Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to your city.  Feel your love expand and grow. Send out your love and light to the world.  Feel your love expand and grow. Relax in the knowledge that you are full of love and that you are sharing that love as Heaven desires.
 Qoute for Day Five  “Let the mind of Christ lead you through”.

Written by: Kim warner
Published with: Inner Faith Wealth Builders !Evangelism

Copyright © 2015

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