How tracking devices are keeping Alzheimer’s patients safe

Wow! This is awesome for those in this situation and families!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — When someone with Alzheimer’s wanders off, it’s different from a child or a hiker who goes missing.

People with Alzheimer’s don’t necessarily want to be found. They won’t respond to their name being called, and they’ll hide anywhere, from dense woods to locked closets. New tracking technology is helping to make it easier to find those who go missing — but it’s still not perfect.

A new company, called iTraq, developed technology to track everything from luggage and cars to pets and people. The credit card-sized device can be placed in a backpack, in a pocket or affixed to a bracelet or lanyard. It’s raised nearly $240,000 on Indiegogo — far surpassing its goal of $35,000 — and will be available in beta in June.

Instead of GPS, iTraq uses cell towers to locate the devices, which means it can be tracked over really far distances…

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