Divorce and Separation- How it impacts our children

Welcome to  Hallelujah where the highest praise are lifted with Min. Kim Warner. We have a special treat for you!!! Were on the radio now! Every Saturday, that’s right! TCB sponsors a spot for INNER FAITH WEALTH BUILDERS to show case our mission for the homeless and less fortunate. Along with this were given the ability to host ministry gifts, business owners, and entrepreneurs.





Our discussion on divorce and separation hits on nerving areas, but also areas that will help bring a change in your home, your life, as well as your thoughts and choices. What I am saying is that who your are and where you are doesn’t not have to be the end of where your going. You and your family mean so much to God as well as we at Inner Faith Wealth Builders!


NEXT WEEK: Are you shacking or living common law? Find out how it may affect your children


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With Inner Faith Wealth Builders

Were taking the approach to rebuild those we commune with that have been broken.

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and enjoy the wonderful teaching and discussion. It doesn’t matter where you live, were all located in different states.

Thank You,

Kim Warner



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