She says, “Write, Write, Write Again!”

She says write again, let your voice be heard. I believe there is something you can do about what lives within you when no one listens. No one has to listen because you can write whatever you feel. You can write your way out of hurt and pain healing the time past and live again.

 Your writing’s will live on anon throughout eternity, they will never die, which makes you immortal. The words you write are a vehicle of expression , forever life, your words are a heritage, a legacy of memoirs of what it is like to live, love, move, and improve beyond the limits man gave you saying you must stay L Sevened in. 

Eon’s from now people will be reading your writings living, moving, and grooving through hardships, yet understanding its okay to release themselves from inhabition’s and be free. Its just that simple, you wake up one day and find you were never bound you were always free, to be, to do, and create. You realize you were made great and able to relate to others who have been oppressed and in need. Creating visual, written and spoken opportunities for those whose only instinct was adapted off of animalistic and capitalistic thinking.

 I tell you sooner or later those who doubted your work and their generations will see the legacy in your voice heralding throughout time and they will need to read what you have wrote, because through time they will see you were a gift and a blessing, never a threat just God working through His creation what a mind!

Kim warner


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