Life builds, heals, and instructs

LifeI have played so many parts in my life; Lord I call on you to help me… I need to find the knowledge to understand each area and part. Understand to comprehend the purpose concerning these parts I play daily, I seek and pray communication from the great divine every day. To play my parts correctly I so desire, removing the stains of yesterday’s dysfunction and misfortune, through divine guidance and inspiration.

I have been an infant born to a father and mother, I’ve been a child and a sister to brothers whom I love so that it weighs on me becoming burdensome yet humbling.

 I have been a teenager searching for a lover, which seemed to be hopeless, yet deep inside the great divine compelling me to seek within for the answers that lie in the recesses of my soul.

 I’ve since became an adult, marrying, and barring three sons who have extended the growth of the family tree with six new sprouts to be nourished and fed by God who is Christ, Iam , the great divine, teach the children the word it’s all we can rely on. 

But while in these many phases of life, I have learned that they all serve purpose; they led to others struggles, as well as my freedom and liberty God is a wonder! 

My freedom lives in, be available to be used to set souls free, this is the liberty of salvation Christ gave unto me.

 Wise men win souls, they stop killing, because every mind that comes to earth needs unlocking and freeing. 

To take interest in each heart beat we encounter can be a motto, remember in Christ no one is left out everyone matters. He calls us all to sacrifice to be set a part from a world of hell that entails snares, pit falls, and mountains to be moved with faith and action.

It’s a journey that leads us all to strength in ourselves, mastery, and self discovery if we study and take account of the lessons passed along with some failed, finding it was all about our souls journey aligning with our Father. He welcomes all!!! He says I have been waiting on you Prodigal. Would you choose today to take courage and accept Grace and what he has for you? Would you join the benefits of believers allowing your journey to be documented with your name written in the book of life?

If your a saint pass this word and continue Kingdom building for souls to read Romans 10:9-10. We become enthusiastic about souls being saved, spreading messages of hope and grandeur…2 there all stories God gave us with power and authority to walk out, change, transform, and re-write, hallelujah the power of salvation take it up, stand and shout!!!

Amen thank you Jesus!

Kim Warner


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