Come up

Come up, come up from the grave I bid your mind, rise out of chaotic scenes align your thinking with Divine Mind. Wash and cleanse yourself of unhealthy scenes of depression, regression and oppression which act as spiritual jail cells to a man or a woman’s mind.  

They fixate on what their environment has learned them, continuing to repeat demonstrations of mental hell lacking knowledge and discernment. They stress they worry, while in the mean time causing trauma and dismay to the vehicle they’ve been given. They forget Jesus paid the price giving us another gift called abundant living. They worry, hurry, and scurry, which inevitably causes nothing but decay again recognize the villain he is lurking as a prey. This dismay and decay is called a thief who helps perpetuate an early ride to the mortuary and grave causing more family grief. The grave where last words are spoken to commit the vehicle (body) you used back from whence it came.

Awaken loved ones all over the world, for God is calling you through the wind and storms that come and tare down the things mortal constantly imitates in creating. He hurls his wind, because they lack duplication of His word as well as His defined demonstration. 

There is no builder greater than the Master. He builds houses (bodies) that stand through the test of time and disaster. His words are pillars and beams they hold the structure of the house (body) together when tried; no thief can enter this domain, because of faith in the word as well as your tithe. This faith and tithe they work as a catalyst providing protection and increase, which provides intervention giving us restored new life and our ultimate inheritance.

John 10:10

God bless 

In Jesus name!

Kim warner


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