Widows mite consciousness or sacrifice!

The widow went to the just judge and gave all that she had which was a mite. The Question this morning is how many of us live today off a mite, which is a speck? How many of us know the understanding of living off a mite? According to consciousness there will be many different answers to the questions that justify each of our frame of mind and thought process. The questions will even answer the evidence of our environments how we live and sustain because through Christ substance is given but all depends on how we give that yields our gain. When our minds can not perceive beyond a mite, or where we are at this time in our lives desiring more, were left with frustration.

 I must say through it all I have been fortunate to have lived beyond a mite even being born in the projects, that was the inheritance given to me. Many of us have been born into unfortunate situations and have seen some of the benefits God has for us eliminating the consciousness of the mite. God has blessed us all unmeasurably beyond our thinking, because we are able to awaken to breath every day, which is more necessary than anything in life in life that we tend to strive for. The thing about the breath is its time sensitive, it has no guarantee beyond Gods control, by faith we trust God with our lives as the widow gave the mite as and exchange. 

Your breath is a check in your spirit concerning the things of God, a check that awakens you to the wonders of accomplishment today given by grace. A check in to say Lord, I wouldn’t have it any other way, so have Your way! Time is on no ones side, so Lord we pray that you give us a stead fast and immovable spirit. Spirits that are unshakeable, Holy Ghost filled, with the anointing breaking yokes, freeing minds, and giving sight to the blind! Give us the spirit of courage to trust you with our lives and where your taking us as we are only here for your use! Give us boldness to take back all that belongs to us and focus to see nothing, but the narrow path of purpose you have given us oh God! We thank you for the spirit of tenacity to walk where we have never walked before continuing to win in this season in Jesus name we declare it is so! Amen



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