Walking through the storms…

Good morning, Walking through storms-

Awakening to this day is a reminder of Gods grace. We are also reminded of the power and authority Christ has already given us within the depths of our being. This power through born again experience reaches out into the ethers of life when we speak and declare the word of God binding strong holds, distractions, frustration, emotional feelings and disappointments. This power pulls down strongholds near and far when we believe.

The power Christ has given us permits us to master the storms of life, by speaking words such as peace be still and know That I AM GOD! Speaking repetitively to ourselves the word of truth brings our minds, bodies, spirits and souls into alignment with the divinity of God. Our eyes and minds are aligned on Christ, which yields the power within us to rise to the occasion mastering the storms of life were walking through. 

Peters faith was spiritually challenged by the prompting of Jesus calling Him to walk on water not to forget mention Peter asked for the challenge. Peter exercises his spiritual ability due to the call of the Master, which ultimately says he was in the spirit hearing the call of Jesus. When Peter took his mind off the Masters voice he began to sink. My petition for you and myself today is to keep our eyes, ears, and thoughts attuned to the word of the Master who speaks to our spiritual nature! My sheep hear my voice and strangers voices are bound and broken! We are not commanded to follow distractions nor are we to feed into emotion dismay. We see no evil and hear none! 

 In Jesus name ! Amen!

Matthew 14:30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. Reading all of Matthew 14 will bless your soul😇



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