Don’t sell yourself out!

Good morning, Reading about Esau and Jacob Genesis 25 -Genesis 28 begins the story of the life of the brothers who by the way were twins. Esau the oldest and Jacob the youngest. Yet even in the mothers womb there was a struggle for the birth right and leadership. 

But God, has shown mom the truth concerning the sons and the destiny to come In a vision.

Fast forwarding the twins are born Esau is favored by Isaac and Jacob favored by mom, because she knows the extent of the inheritance and destiny for her children. Rebekah can be noted as a mother like Mary, Jesus mother, because she is a vessel receiving word from the Lord concerning the children she is carry. While we look at these young men and see the characters one being more about outside business (Esau) and one of inner business (Jacob) who is home with parents giving no trouble, we find the birth right has nothing to do with the oldest child really when it comes to Gods plan, but everything to do with the who holds the mind of responsibility to carry out the plans of righteousness in God. Because Esau had no respect for the inheritance, he forfeits his birth right through speaking futile words, which have to do with his appetite. He also has wives that disrespect his parents, which should be corrected, because no matter what age we are we are told through the word of God to obey and respect our parents. His affections concerning gaming and all his ways show a love and appetite for worldly things, outside stimulation rather than inner conversations that lead to intimacy with God, which would lead to the blessing of leading a nation. Because of his appetite he is deceived and loses his rights that are generally given to the first born. Many have said Jacob deceived Esau, but I see know man to be a victim to life or circumstances. Choices were laid out and the intention made the difference in the outcome concerning Esau.

 How many of us have given way to worldly appetites which have nothing to do with Gods agenda in our lives and feel as if we were deceived by others blaming them as Esau? God gave us prayer and also tells us to set a watch over our words as well as the appetites our flesh bombard us with. When we’re in the mist of worldly inducements we must be aware of the temptations that seek to steal what belongs us. No one can take anything from us, it is our spiritual weakness that opens the door to deception giving the thief access. We must become aware of the words we speak while we’re hurrying through our day, remembering as well that food was the beginning of Esau selling himself out. 

Matthew 4:4

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

Intimacy with God will keep us from forfeiting our inheritance, blessings, and birth right! Intimacy with God allows our eyes to see what Esau did not see. Intimacy with God will avail our inner man to hear things Esau did not hear. For this reason we are to study and live by the word of God breaking every snare that trues tries to entrap us, intimacy is taking time to hide away in the secret place hearing what God has to say about who you are and where you a re going! In Jesus name! 



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