Integrity and commitment 

2 King 20:5 May the Lord add blessings to the reading of His words and those who have eyes to read and see what the Lord is doing for them through the word. May your anointing and the same healing power you gave Hezekiah resurrect in the lives of your people meeting there needs. May those who read this chapter be blessed to understand you not only changed the sentence of death Lord, but you preserved generations by extending Hezekiah’s life. The facts to look at today is our responsibility concerning the choices we make concerning others as well as our selves. Life is not just about what goes on in our homes, but far more evolved. We as a people affect those we come in contact with face to face, on the phone and in the communities. Our commitments to those we work with and make vows or deals with shape and mold the theme of our lives. Remember we’re here reconciling relationships, have you ever noticed the worlds issues revolve around relationship issues? However being men and women who make vows ( commitment) we must honor our words, our word being carried out in vows speak on behalf of our integrity. If Hezekiah had not turned to God in prayer the Kingdom would have lost a king with no successor to take His place, his integrity cried for himself and the jeopardy of the kingdom. Manasseh had not been born until Hezekiah was restored, which was within 15 years of the life time God gave Hezekiah back. Can you imagine the Kingdom without a king? It would have been then like what we’re experiencing on a worldly level now. No effective leadership. And we know without effective leadership kingdoms, families and communities die. We can all look at this story and thank God for giving us wisdom to make changes in ourselves, our homes, and communities. If any of us lack integrity or find we need more alignment, Jesus paid the price for us to receive life abundant… It’s already done, available for the asking, simple actions of prayer and a heart to follow the Master. Further more we look at OUR Gods integrity to us when we live and walk before God in His will and find, He’s Faithful, and committed to us. What we give we find the Lord giving us back, because the relationship is at one or we could even say the atonement has taken place! Amen in Jesus name! We would love to hear your thoughts! 

I am Kim Warner loving life because of Gods grace and His second chance redemption plan!


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