These are my haters

Good morning,
We had wonderful prayer last night. Lifted up families Josh Baggs has surgery this morning please remember him in recovery and continue praying for families.

Nehemiah 4:4 But I prayed, “Our God, these people hate us and have wished horrible things for us. Please answer our prayers and make their insults fall on them! Let them be the ones to be dragged away as prisoners of war. 5 Don’t forgive the mean and evil way they have insulted the builders.”

My question is how many Sanballats and Tobias do you have? Nay Sayers that is that are talking about you and what your doing. The next question is do you know that persecution comes in the mist of promotion? Whatever you do for God there will be nay Sayers that will come to try to convert you other wise. To discourage you, to tear you down. You know those people, mean muggers. They will rename you, talk about you, insult your character and integrity, but the number one thing to get out of this chapter is focus on the work! Don’t stop building… Stay on the wall praying for others and by all means pray this prayer to defeat the enemy as Nehemiah and his community did as they worked and prayed in Unity! Bond of the words of nay Sayers in the name of Jesus! Pull down the strong man in their lives. Bind up mean muggers, jealousy, envy, and confusion and send it back to hell.

Amen! In Jesus name have a great day and represent the word of God by shining! Pass this to a friend.


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