Power prayer

A prayer for those seeking Filling of the Holy Spirit as well as refreshing.

Nicodemus asked Jesus must a man go back into his mothers womb to be born again? The answer is no a man has no need to re-enter his mothers womb, but we must all be born of the Spirit of God. Though we have been granted earthly habitation, our birthing in the world is to carry us into the rebirthing of spirit and the things He, tucked safe within us called us to. The born again process awakens God within us to the very assignment given before we came to earth. The world (flesh) must die that we would be empowered to act and walk in the authority God grants us through His spirit within us. Have you receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you need refreshing?

John 3, Acts chapters 1, 2,3

Will refresh and open the doors of the spirit to the kingdom. The Holy Spirit equips with the power needed to overcome the vices of evil. Whatever weakness lye within the flesh the Holy Spirit begins to strengthen through the power it imparts within those who receive Him. In Jesus name!Amen



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