The Door to my Soul “A Fatherless Womans Journey”


Ida decided she wanted to live. In fact, she’s alive and well now! However, getting there was not very easy. It’s safe to say she did not want to live, originally. What changed? What made the difference? How did she survive? How is that possible? Is this an isolated case? Or is there something in Ida’s story for others experiencing similar circumstances? Or perhaps, even some encouragement for the average person, with average challenges?

This is a hard core story, Ida pulls no punches and tells it like it is. She believes, telling her story might save someone. I believe that too. Perhaps that someone is you. Both Ida and I also believe, it is not an accident you picked up this book. Which is why she opens up her life to you, the reader.

I’ll tell you upfront. This is the story about God and His involvement in Ida’s life. She says: “God kept…

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